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Thank you for choosing our products! In order to bring better experience to the vast number of consumers, decided to hold this activity, collect everyone's opinions and evaluation, sincerely invite you to participate in the activity. As long as you sign up to participate, you can get our carefully prepared gifts.

Surprise Gift

Prizes included VEE, the latest smartwatch, RIG smartwatch, BCEP01 smartwatch, prizes of varying strength, little mystery surprises and straps. If you want to win such a great prize, take your friends and family with you and sign up!

Registration way: Go to the bottom and fill in the information or send it to Registration is available from today.
Activity time: April 25, 2023 -- May 25, 2023

The rules of this activity are:
1. Participants make a video about our products or introduce the store, the video content creation is not limited. Once you've made a video, you can post it. You can post it on YouTube, tiktok, Facebook, (pick a distribution channel).
2. During the campaign, the video got 100 likes (tiktok only needs 200).
3. The person in charge of the activity will count up the first 20 videos that meet the requirements on May 25th, and then we can get our company's smart watch worth $89.9\$79.9\$69.9. The rest received prizes of varying strength, mysterious surprises and watchbands.

YouTube: @bearscome

Note: Posts should be posted with (your watch model) or @BEARSCOME

One of three smartwatches

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