BC G08 Smartwatch Review | BEARSCOME

BC G08 Smartwatch Review | BEARSCOME

Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen and sleep monitoring smartwatch

Recently, I just bought a smart watch -G08 smart watch, let's learn about this new smart watch!

The G08 smartwatch is very focused on health monitoring, and it contains basically medical level monitoring functions. No matter in which age group, G08 smart watch can be very good to protect your health. Now let me talk about my health Smart butler -G08.

First of all, I bought it mainly for its function of measuring blood pressure. In the process of using it, I also compared it with the blood pressure meter in the clinic, and the error was not much. When I want to know my body's health data, the G08 smartwatch is capable of doing it. The G08 features a seven-channel optical design, a "MAX86176 Medical-grade chip", and infrared light monitoring, so its test data is more accurate. So I really trust the data that it gives me.

Also, the G08 smartwatch has a specific APP-H Band. When the watch monitors your body, the APP will display various graphs and tell me the final result based on the measured data. So it doesn't matter if I don't understand the data.


The G08 features a large circular touch HD screen that allows you to check your body temperature, steps, and heart rate on the watch. Small watch has so many functions, not only very low power consumption, and strong endurance, generally can be used for about 15 days, and only two hours of charging can be full. I don't have to charge it very often, which is another thing I like.


G08 is really beautiful! The watch face is metallic, the leather strap fits the skin well, and the length is adequate. The diameter of the dial is only 47mm and the thickness is only 1.4mm, which is undoubtedly the lightest weight for the smartwatch, which is a great burden for me who need to wear a healthy smartwatch for a long time. After careful consideration, such a small watch can have so many functions, or very admire.


The G08 also contains 10 exercise modes, which is of great help to me as an avid sportsman. It can also monitor my blood oxygen content during exercise and remind me to take a rest in time.

The G08 smartwatch is also precise when it comes to sleep monitoring. I personally have trouble sleeping, so I need a watch that can help me monitor my sleep. The watch monitors sleep quality, heart rate, sleep breathing, and the amount of time I spend in deep and light sleep to help me understand my sleep status. So I know what I should pay attention to.


In addition to the above functions, the G08 smartwatch also has a women's health function set for women's health, which brings great convenience to women. Bluetooth connection, message reminder these basic functions of G08 have been covered. By choosing this watch, the quality of my life is greatly improved, I will not miss any important information, and I pay more attention to my health status.


I hope this information can help you better understand G08 smartwatch.I hope you live healthy every day!

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